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Our Company has been in business since 2006. What started out as a small general aviation venture set up to run and operate a small airplane has evolved into a full service aviation consulting and aircraft management company. We have a professional team in place to help you every step of the way, from aircraft management to brokerage services, inspections, acquisitions, positioning, operational cost analysis, flight crew management and training.

Experienced aviation professionals from all backgrounds streamline our aviation services by managing better prices and faster planning. We incorporate a variety of services tailored to aircraft owner from a GA aircraft to large jets. Our operation is comprised of more than a dozen aviation professionals to include major Airline Captains, Corporate Captains, Flight Instructors, Mechanics/Engineers, Inspectors and Aircraft Brokers. With a combined experience of hundreds of thousands of flight hours, multiple type-ratings and licenses issues under different aviation authorities, we offer a complete advice and support in order to accommodate your particular needs.

Xpress Air Mission:

Xpress Air Group, LLC. Is an aviation service company with a team of dedicated professionals able to meet the most challenging customer’s demands. If you are an aircraft owner or first time aircraft buyer we can help you through the flight operation managing, buying, selling, financing, ferry, crew training and initial operating process of your aircraft. Our team is comprised of industry veterans, from airline captains, elite mechanics, and aircraft appraisers to expert brokers. For more information on our qualifications.

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